Third Party Insurance

Third Party insurance is compulsory for travelling to both Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Pre-purchasing the necessary insurance saves travellers unnecessary delays at the border post, especially during peak hours and holiday period. We sell insurance policies that were developed to provide South African registered vehicles entering Mozambique and Zimbabwe with the necessary Third Party insurance. It provides insurance cover against loss or damage to any Third Party’s property or bodily injury as a result of the driver’s negligence.

Insurance policies can be purchased at any Travel Experience store.

Please note that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority announced the implementation of new Third Party insurance policies, effective March 2010. The new policies are available at the Travel Experience stores.

Documents and Information Needed When Applying

  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration papers.
  • Registration papers of trailer or caravan if you are towing such an item.
  • Personal details of owner including ID number, name, surname and physical address.
  • Insured driver’s details including ID number, name, surname and physical address.
  • Date of entry into Zimbabwe and/or Mozambique.

Cost of Third Party Insurance Policy

Cross Border Documentation and Requirements

aa-passportmapEnsure that you’re familiar with all the cross border documentation and requirements before you leave. Everything you need to know about the documentation required when crossing various borders is made available.